How to Buy CADDXFPV Products?

February 04 2024 – CADDX FPV

How to Buy CADDXFPV Products?
How to Buy CADDXFPV Products?

Welcome to the official CADDXFPV website! If you're confused about how to buy our products, don't worry, we'll provide a concise guide here, and this post will continue to be updated as products are updated.

Last updated: February 5, 2024

Currently our main development route is FPV HD system, so we launched Walksnail Avatar HD system in June 2022. FPV mainly consists of receiver side and transmitter side to realize the first view, usually it can be installed in any movable carrier such as drone, fixed wing, RC car, and so on.

Currently we mainly recommend the receiver side is Goggles X, specific features you can click on the product name to jump to the corresponding product details page to understand it, this article aims to allow users to quickly understand our products, have a clear idea of the purchase.

We also have a receiver side for the VRX, this assumes you need to have an analog goggle that supports HDMI IN to work. In order to allow more users to experience the HD system at a lower cost, we offer a variety of bundle combinations to make it easier for users to purchase.

Transmitter side generally refers to VTX and camera. The 1s~3s VTX in our collection refers to the voltage range of 3.7V~13V, the main VTX kits are Nano Kit V3, Mini 1s Lite Kit and Mini 1s Kit, the difference between these three is mainly in the antenna and camera.
Here are the main summaries of the three 14X14cm cameras:

 Here are the main summaries of the three antennas:

If you want better maneuverability and flying speed experience, you need to choose our Walksnail Avatar HD VTX V2 Module, we now we divided them into Single Antenna Version and Dual Antennas Version, Single Antenna Version can The Single Antenna Version can satisfy some drone models, while the Dual Antennas Version has more stable signal.

The pro camera is our hot selling model, mainly because of the excellent night effect, the camera v2 uses a native 4:3 picture.
Here are the main summaries of the two 19X19cm cameras:

Our moonlight kit is a good choice if you demand high picture quality as it can record in 4k.

In addition to this, we are also selling the Vista series which fits DJI FPV Goggles 2, DJI goggles 2, DJI Goggles Integra.
Here are the main summaries of the three Vista products:

Of course, analog cameras are an important part of the equation for us, and the currently popular Ratel 2 and the Ratel Pro with its excellent nighttime results are both good choices. Simply put, for small drones choose a 14x14 sized camera and for larger drones choose a 19x19 sized camera. If the image quality is high choose Baby Ratel2 and Ratel2, on the contrary, if the budget is limited, you can choose Ant Analog Camera and Ant Lite Analog Camera.

Regarding action camera, this is still an area of interest for us, the Peanut Camera and the Walnut Camera are our masterpieces, and after that, we hope to launch a brand new action camera every year, which we are working hard to develop.

Finally, thank you for your patience to read this blog, this blog will be updated with the release of new products, if there is still confusion about how to buy the product or browse the details page of the corresponding product has more questions you can contact this email: 

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February 5, 2024


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