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Combo | With Avatar 1S Lite Kit 

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  • Variant: With Avatar 1S Lite Kit 
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Lightweight design, ultra-thin experience
Walksnail VRX only 83g and comes with 114*55*22mm size, easy to carry.

Walksnail VRX adopts 4 antenna design, 2 directional antennas, the maximum transmission distance is 4km

Walksnail VRX adopts industry-leading H.265 encoding technology,
which can provide a minimum delay of 22ms and a maximum resolution of 1080p.
The HD picture quality takes you to experience the fun of flying a drone.

HDMI output ensure you to enjoy uncompressed video signals from the Walksnail HD system

Canvas Mode
Supports betaflight full OSD display,supports betaflight, inav, kiss full osd display
you can easily adjust the parameters you want by remote control.


A: Compatible With Analog Goggles, HDMI Out(Our VRX module supports HDMI OUT, If you goggles support HDMI IN it will work fine)

A: VRX supports 720P\1080P

A: Yes

A: Our VTX is 25*25mm

A: Weight:3.5g/6g
Dimensions: 14*14*17mm/19*19*22mm
Coaxial Cable:90mm/140mm

A: mini HDMI

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Miguel Salgado Gómez
Amazing but..

It just works perfectly. Amazing image quality. Fits perfect on my Skyzone 03O googles with a tpu adapter. The only problem that I found was the gopro style attachment: the plastic piece surround the allen screw broke the second day I used the googles. I had to glue it.

Andreas Halemba
A Solid Experience with Minor Quirks

Overall, the Walksnail VRX performs as promised, delivering an excellent user experience. I paired it with my Skyzone Sky04X goggles, and the performance was seamless.

Lightweight Design: At just 83g, it's easy to carry around.
Transmission Range: The 4-antenna setup, including 2 directional antennas, provides an impressive maximum transmission distance of 4 km.
Video Quality: The H.265 encoding technology provides crystal-clear 1080P/60FPS visuals with minimal latency, offering an immersive experience.
Compatibility: The device supports HDMI output and works well with Betaflight OSD, giving you plenty of customization options.
Versatile Resolution Support: Compatible with both 1080p and 720p goggles.


Antenna Placement: My only gripe is with the design of the omnidirectional antennas at the top. Their close proximity makes it challenging to remove the screw for the mount holder without disassembling a small component—which unfortunately broke off during my first assembly.

In summary, the Walksnail VRX is a robust piece of tech that lives up to its promises, providing a fantastic flying experience. The minor issue with antenna placement is something that could be improved in future iterations, but it's a small price to pay for the overall performance and capabilities of this device.

VRX and VTX V2

Very nice product love it. Delivery quite fast even very far away. Thank you caddx

Ivan Ivanov

I don't expect such good quality, even on old goggles look great. Great job. Thank you

Very good! but...

Digital indeed! The images are beautiful.
However, the hook for mounting came off!!
The reason was that I did not use double-sided tape.
The hook alone is not strong enough.
It needs to be fixed with double-sided tape.

Biotrade - 816 Dario Salas
Avatar pro Kit

Excelente sistema de video digital, cada dia mas enamorado de Walksnail pro

Best way to get into digital!

Cheap, high quality, easy to use - 100% recommend

Alejandro Balaguer

Walksnail Avatar VRX

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