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As A Leading of HD FPV Camera Global Provider, CaddxFPV is Authorized Exclusively By DJI, on Caddx Vista Digital HD System for DJI HD FPV, Which Is In Digital HD FPV System Technology.

Caddx VISIT Advantage Test Review:
1. 18g Light Weight VISTA Kit
2. 21-28ms End-To-End Low Latency
3. VISTA Perfect Match Different Inches Drone Sizes
4. HD Digital VIdeo Tansmitter

We Have Received An Overwhelmingly Positive Response From Caddx VISTA Consumers Among 3-4 Few Months.
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Caddx Is Committed To Bring High-Definition Digital And Filming HD FPV World To Every FPV Pilot, Just As Flying On The Sky What Being A Bird Feels Like.

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