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Caddx Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen. lt is a video solution research and development-driven enterprise with image technology as the core. lt has strong product research and development capabilities and product innovation concepts. Its business is oriented to global FPV. After several years of development with rapid development, CADDXFPV has become a leading company in the global FPV industry. We are committed to bringing users the ultimate visual and control experience.

we strive to develop global business, and currently have more than 400 distributors in more than 70 countries around the world; in order to better serve customers, we have opened offices and after-sales service centers in the United States, Germany and Australia.

We attach great importance to innovation and development, and a variety of products have achieved industry breakthroughs, which have greaty improved user experience. Committing to the promotion of FPV drone sports is our unremitting pursuit. we actively sponsor world-class and Chinese team events and are also regular sponsors of the US MU TIGP/European DCL.

We also activey promote customers to set up interest clubs all over the country. As a local young entrepreneurial team in shenzhen, we are full of passion and creativity, and continue to provide the industry with better images, more advanced digital image transmission and digital FPV glasses and other system equipment. We hope that more people will join FPV to enjoy flight, speed and Explore the world of HD fun.

Customer Service

We do our best to ensure that our customer service (both pre-sales and after-sales) is to your satisfaction. If you have any questions about any product, service or distributor, please contact us at the email below to let us know your concerns.

R & D department:andy@caddxfpv.com

Partnership inquiry: leon@caddxfpv.com

Marketing inquiry: tina@caddxfpv.com

After-sales/ Technical service: support@caddxfpv.com

Order/ Shipping: service@caddxfpv.com

Continue to bring better value to the FPV community, we are CADDXFPV, let's work together for the circle we love!🥂

We are young in FPV but we have passion and energy just like you pilots !

Welcome to suggest if any opinions and ideas !


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