Tutorial for replacing the Goggles X heatsink

Jan 15, 2024by CADDX FPV
Recently, we've noticed that some of our users are having problems with their goggles overheating. First of all, we feel so sorry to hear you guys have this problem. After double-checking our product line, our R&D team immediately started looking for the reason for the problem and a solution. 
Here are the final solutions 
1. We will provide heat board for consumers who have overheating problems on goggles X.
2. After continuous testing by our R&D team, we have improved the production process and technical requirements to avoid the same problems in the future.
If you had the overheating problem and bought it from our official website, please click the below link,we will send the one free heat board for you. 
If you bought the goggles X from the local store and had the overheating problem, plz come to the store to get the one free heat board after 10 days.
Below video is the replacement of heat board. Thank you for your support!  Wish you have a great day! 

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