CADDXFPV Exhibition 2023

June 21 2023 – CADDX FPV

CADDXFPV Exhibition 2023
CADDXFPV Exhibition 2023

We are thrilled to announce our successful participation in the 6th China Internal UAS EXPO 2023 and Hobby Expo China 2023! These were truly unforgettable events where we had the privilege of exploring the latest technologies and innovations in the drone industry alongside enthusiasts and professionals from around the world.

Meanwhile, the diverse range of attendees from various sectors of the drone industry showcased China's leading position in the development of the low-altitude economy on a global scale.

During the exhibition, we proudly showcased our latest product line, the Walksnail Avatar System, and engaged with attendees to share our technological advancements, designs, and innovative concepts. We are incredibly grateful for the enthusiastic participation and attention from all the visitors. Your support serves as the driving force behind our continuous progress and growth.

Furthermore, we had the privilege of sponsoring the Hong Kong FAI Trails on-site. Through this collaboration, we aim to make significant contributions to the development of the drone industry and provide a better competitive platform and thrilling racing experience for pilots. We hope that every pilot achieved remarkable results in the competitions while enjoying the excitement of flying.

Participating in this exhibition provided us with a valuable opportunity to engage in face-to-face interactions with industry professionals and enthusiasts. We understand that it is through the cooperation and feedback from our valued users and partners that we can continually improve our products and services to meet your needs and expectations.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported and trusted the CADDXFPV brand. We remain committed to innovation and introducing more outstanding products, enhancing the flying experience and enjoyment for FPV enthusiasts.

We eagerly look forward to meeting you at the next exhibition, where we will showcase even more exciting products and technologies, together exploring the limitless possibilities of the drone world.

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