Return/Warranty Policy

  1. Return Policy

Return/exchange policy

* Customer who purchase our products through CADDXFPV official website can enjoy the unreasonable return service within seven days from the day after signing the receipt (except for activated products). The customer must present a valid proof of purchase when returning the goods, and must ensure that the returned goods maintain the original quality and function, the appearance is intact, and the trademarks and various logos of the goods and accessories are complete. If the goods are artificially damaged, the packing box is missing, or the spare parts are missing, the return will not be processed. For unreasonable return service, customer is responsible for the courier costs.

* Customer who purchase our products through CADDXFPV official website, within 15 days from the day after the customer purchases (signs for receipt), if there is a issues under warranty, after the after-sales center detects and confirms, we will handle the return/exchange business for the customer, and the customer must present a valid purchase certificate when returning/exchanging the product. For products under warranty, CADDXFPV pay for all courier costs.

  1. Warranty Policy

Product warranty

2 years limited warranty for avatar goggles;

1 year limited warranty for avatar cameras and VTX;

1 month limited warranty for accessories like coaxial cable and antennas


What is covered by this warranty

This warranty only applies to walksnail products purchased for personal use, not for resale. CADDXFPV guarantees that, under normal use, the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period. The warranty period for walksnail goggles is 2 years, for camera and VTX is year, starting on the day you receive the product. If you are unable to provide proof of purchase, the warranty start date will be calculated as 30 days after the device’s factory production date.


The conditions to qualify under the free warranty service:

√ The product has been used normally within the specified warranty period and has no signs of external damage.

√ The product has undergone no unauthorized disassembly, modification or addition outside of advice given in the official product guide.

√ The product has not experienced any accidental damage.

√ You are able to provide valid proof of purchase.



* To damage caused by unauthorized (not included in the official product manual) modification, disassembly, opening of the product and or attempted repairs;

* To cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastic on ports, unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship;

* To damage caused by the use of third-party components or products;

* To accidental damage (for example, the product is dropped or suffers water damage);

* To product failure or damage caused by major incident or natural disaster (for example, fire, earthquake, lightning etc.)

* To damage due to incorrect installation, use and or operation of product not in accordance with the official product manual;

* To damage during upgrade/repair services carried out by anyone other than walksnail representatives;

* To defects caused by normal wear or aging;

* To damage caused by improper use of battery packs and chargers;

* If the product’s serial number has been removed or smeared and can’t provide a proof of purchase;


  1. Repair Service

Repair Service

* If you experience an issue with your product, please contact CADDXFPV by emailing or send message to CADDXFPV official Facebook messenger, explain in as much detail as possible what the problem is. CADDXFPV technical support staff will try to diagnose and solve your problem by email or messenger. If the problem cannot be solved by email or software update, you will need to return the product to walksnail for further testing and inspection.

* If the problem is due to an issue covered under the warranty, CADDXFPV will be responsible for the repair costs.

* If the tested product does not meet the conditions for free repair, CADDXFPV will charge a fee for testing, replacement parts, labor and courier costs, according to the specific case. Customers can choose to pay for the repair or have the original device returned without repair.

*The replacement products or parts provided by CADDXFPV may not be brand new or packaged, but will be in perfect working order and at least equivalent in performance to the replaced part. The replaced product will still be covered under the warranty of the original product.

* CADDXFPV may not be able to provide after-sales service in all locations, and the content of the after-sales service policy varies with location. Services outside the regular service range may incur a charge. For local information, please contact  CADDXFPV.


Courier costs

 * Under warranty: CADDXFPV pay for all courier costs.

* Not covered under warranty: you are responsible for round-trip courier costs.



* Please contact the CADDXFPV technical support team by emailing by emailing or send message to CADDXFPV official Facebook messenger before sending back any product! In addition, try to update to the latest version of firmware  to see if this solves your problem.

* Before sending back any product, in order to protect your privacy, please back up all personal data/files and remove the SD card in advance. CADDXFPV will not be responsible for any potential damage or loss of personal data/files.

* Please provide a valid purchase certificate, and waybill number.

* Pls provide us a tracking number after sending any product back; Be sure to keep your tracking number as a basis for inquiring about the after-sales progress!

* The replaced damage parts or product shall belong to CADDXFPV.

Note: Return items that are not licensed by customer service are not accepted and customers will be responsible for all lost and cost.