Walksnail Avatar System

Mar 24, 2023by CADDX FPV

    CaddxFPV, established in August 2017. Headquartered in Shenzhen, widely considered China’s Silicon Valley. We are committed to providing the best image, VTX and digital system accessories for FPV drones, so that the entire industry has a steady stream of innovation, and absorb more and more people to join the FPV field to enjoy the fun of fly, speed and exploring HD world. 

    Our wish is to promote the healthy development of the FPV industry, cooperate with leading companies, actively create a benign industry environment, and guide more innovative people to enter the FPV industry and change the existing FPV chaos, so that the industry can flourish and let the world know about FPV!

    We have been developing the Walksnail Avatar System for more than 2 years, and it was not released until May 2022. During this period, we constantly listened to the feedback and suggestions of FPV pilots, constantly updated the firmware, and launched more products to meet the needs of users.

    Then, we can briefly understand the Walksnail Avatar System we developed for FPV.

Walksnail Avatar System mainly includes: Walksnail Avatar HD goggles、 Walksnail Avatar HD VTX and Walksnail Avatar camera

Walksnail Avatar HD goggles: Table header 1
Model Avatar goggles
Communication Frequency 5.725-5.850GHz
Transmitter Power (EIRP) FCC:<30dBm;CE:<14dBm;SRRC:<20dBm; MIC:<25dBm
I/O Interface Type-C,microSD card slot,DC 5.5*2.1mm
IPD Mechanical Range  58-70mm
IPD Visual Range  54-74mm
Adjustable Focus Range  +2 to -6 Diopter
FOV  46°
Screen Resolution  1920*1080
Screen Refresh Rate  1080/100Hz
Screen Size  0.49"1nch
Screen Material  OLED
HDMI Output  Support
Power Input  7-21V(2S-5S)
SD Card  Support 256G
Walksnail Avatar HD VTX:  Table header 1
Model Avatar module
Communication Frequency 5.725-5.850GHz
Transmitter Power (EIRP) FCC:<30dBm;CE:<14dBm;SRRC:<20dBm; MIC:<25dBm
I/O Interface JST1.0*6(Power in)JST1.0*4(USB)
Mounting Holes   25.5*25.5mm
Dimensions  33*33*9.5mm
Storage  8G
Recording   1080p/720p
Weight  16g
Operating Temperature   -20-40℃
Channels   8
Wide Power Input   6V-25.2V
Supported FC System   Betaflight
OSD   Canvas mode
Latency  Average delay 22ms
Antenna  2(IPEX)
Walksnail Avatar camera:  Table header 1
Model Avatar nano/Avatar camera
Image Sensor   1/2.7”1nch
Resolution   1080P/60fps,720P/120fps,720P/60fps
Ratio  16/9 4/3
Lens  2.1mm
FOV  170°
Aperture   F2.0
Shutter   Rolling shutter
Min.Illumination   0.001Lux
Weight   3.5g/6g
Dimensions   14*14*17mm/19*19*22mm
Coaxial Cable   90mm/140mm


1、1080P resolution, 22ms low latency, Canvas mode, 4km range, Dual antenna, Light weight design, HDMI output, Built-in 8G storage,6V-25.2V
2、Supports full OSD display, including betaflight, inav, kiss.
3、1080p/60fps,720P/100FPS, it will support 4K video recording.
4、VTX supports wide voltage output, 6S battery support, compact size and lightweight.
5、Dual-antenna Design,4km Long Range. Designed to carry dual antennas to achieve more stable and powerful signals.
6、Ranging Mode
Turn on the ranging mode to display the distance between the droneand goggles in real time,in case the drone is lost due to long distance flight.
7、8G Built-in Storage
The Avatar vtx comes with 8g built-in storage it can record 1080p or 720pHD flight videos without interference

Forthcoming features:
1、Fixed latency mode, suit for racing
2、It can connect to action camera and operate the goggles 3、DVR playback can be viewed on OSD

    Caddx is committed to providing more and better products for FPV pilots and we are always happy to listen to pilots and improve. We believe that we can do better and better in the future!


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