The First 4K Starlight Drone in the Market - Gofilm 20

April 28 2024 – CADDX FPV

The First 4K Starlight Drone in the Market - Gofilm 20
The First 4K Starlight Drone in the Market - Gofilm 20


With the rapid development and continuous growth of the FPV industry, the team at CaddxFPV has successfully launched a brand new product - Gofilm 20, with market feedback and their own efforts. As the first FPV drone launched by CaddxFPV, Gofilm 20 not only meets the needs of most pilots, but also is the first drone in the industry to have a 4K starlight function.We always believe that we always put the needs of users first. After several years of hard work, we finally achieved 4K freestyle drones.

About Gofilm 20:

Located in Shenzhen, Caddx Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a R&D-driven company with video solutions centered on image technology. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the global FPV community with an exceptional visual and control experience. Through listening to user feedback and continuous innovation, we have launched Gofilm 20, a product that represents our continued dedication and pursuit of the FPV industry.

Our brand philosophy is to drive continuous innovation and advancement in FPV technology. As a well-known company in the FPV industry, we uphold the spirit of continuous innovation and are committed to providing users with better products and services to bring them a better flying experience.

Since the establishment of our company in 2017, we have actively participated in global FPV events and cooperated with some world-class events to provide FPV enthusiasts with a full range of support and services. With a series of industry-leading products, we continue to improve the user experience and win the trust and support of our users. Currently, we have established more than 400 dealers in more than 70 countries around the world, as well as offices and after-sales service centers in the U.S., Germany and Australia.

Gofilm 20, as an outstanding representative of our product line, has the following features:

  •  The first 4K starlight drone in the market: the Gofilm 20 features innovative starlight technology, allowing users to capture clear, high-quality images during daytime and nighttime for an even better aerial photography experience.
  • Stable and Reliable Flight Performance: With its lightweight design, stable flight and lightweight body, the Gofilm 20 can easily fly in various environments indoors and outdoors, allowing users to enjoy the fun of flying.
  • Advanced Digital VTX System: Equipped with the Avatar Moonlight Kit, the Gofilm 20 provides better image transmission and shooting performance in low-light environments, bringing users more creative shooting possibilities.
  • Multi-scenario application: The Gofilm 20 is not only suitable for daily flight and aerial photography, but also can be used for competition and professional photography, providing users with a wider range of scenarios and experiences.


Whether you are a beginner or a professional pilot, the Gofilm 20 can meet your different flight needs. Whether for family fun, competition or professional filming, the Gofilm 20 brings you a whole new flying experience.

Through continuous innovation and hard work, we will continue to bring more excellent products and services to the global FPV community, so that more people can enjoy the fun of flying. We look forward to your joining us and exploring the wider world of flying with us!

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