Exploring the CADDXFPV GM1/GM2/GM3 Gimbal Series

Jun 29, 2024by CADDX FPV

Based on pilot feedback and market research, our R&D team specifically designed the GM series multi-axis gimbals with head tracking functionality. This series includes three models: single-axis, dual-axis, and tri-axis, catering to different user needs for various scenarios and equipment.

We aim to enhance the first-person view experience to the greatest extent, providing stable and smooth images, allowing users to easily capture perfect footage and create an immersive feeling.

The CADDXFPV GM series gimbals perfectly integrate with Avatar HD goggles, enabling head tracking functionality. This allows the gimbal to follow your head movements, making you feel as if you are in the cockpit, enhancing your FPV visual adventures with unparalleled realism and control. Whether using FPV drones, fixed wings, or RC cars, the CADDXFPV gimbal offers the perfect solution. We safeguard your visual adventure.

Why Choose CADDXFPV Gimbal

  • We offer single-axis, dual-axis, and tri-axis options for different scenarios and equipment, covering all your needs.
  • Advanced mechanical stabilization technology ensures high-definition and smooth video during FPV experiences, eliminating dizziness.
  • Easily control sensitivity through UART/PWM, bringing AI into FPV.
  • Equipped with coaxial cables, easily connect to the Avatar HD system; with high integration, we define true FPV HD.


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