Chinese Drone Racing - HAINAN FTP

July 21 2023 – CADDX FPV

Chinese Drone Racing - HAINAN FTP
Chinese Drone Racing - HAINAN FTP

On July 14-15, participants from all over the country turned up the heat at the China Drone Championship in Hainan. The sight of pilots getting into the zone, maneuvering through obstacles, and the ever-changing dynamics of the races captivated the hearts of the spectators. It was an exhilarating and high-quality drone competition that ignited the venue, with thunderous applause and jubilant cheers! 🥳🎉

Many participants flocked to the CADDXFPV booth to capture memorable moments and showed great interest and confidence in the Walksnail Avatar HD system👀

Sponsored by CADDXFPV, Hong Kong pilot @michael_zafirov achieved outstanding results and secured a place in the qualifying rounds! 💪

In addition, CADDXFPV also maintains a strong passion for Freestyle pilots and continuously listens to the community's feedback. We believe that our products will better meet the needs of pilots in the second half of this year.


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