CADDXFPV Gofilm 20
CADDXFPV Gofilm 20
CADDXFPV Gofilm 20
CADDXFPV Gofilm 20
CADDXFPV Gofilm 20
CADDXFPV Gofilm 20
CADDXFPV Gofilm 20

CADDXFPV Gofilm 20


CADDXFPV Gofilm 20

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Preface About Gofilm 20:

With the rapid development and continuous growth of the FPV industry, based on market feedback and the efforts of our R&D team, we have launched a brand new product - the Gofilm 20. As the first FPV drone from CaddxFPV, it mainly meets the needs of most pilots and the first 4K starlight drone in the market. 

Equipped with the Avatar Moonlight Kit, the Gofilm 20 brings more possibilities to pilots, shooting stable and HD videos without unnecessary latency, making it easy to capture cinema-quality images whether day or night, redefining - HD FPV.


Compact and Delicately Design:

Gofilm 20 features a lightweight design, occupying a smaller footprint and weighing about 115g, ensuring agile flight and extended endurance. With a 94mm wheelbase and a robust propulsion system, light but fast. 


HD Digital VTX System:

  • Standard with the moonlight kit, it offers enhanced image quality and low-light performance for night-time shooting.
  • Supports 4K/60fps, ensuring that FPV embraces true 4K. Shooting stable and HD videos without unnecessary latency, bring pilots a smoother FPV experience.
  • Equipped with EIS and Gyroflow technology. Supports manual shutter and manual ISO settings.
  • The moonlight camera has a 160° FOV, providing you with a more natural and real picture for the ultimate flying experience.
  • Additionally, the 25.5mm and 20mm mounting hole designs accommodate various accessories.


Gofilm 20 Frame Kit:

The frame features a 94mm wheelbase, with damping design for the camera, ensuring smoother video recording. Utilizing integrated injection molding technology, it simplifies installation by eliminating the hassle of adjusting screw tightness. Built-in XT30 plug design to avoid damaging wires. The standalone frame weighs only 30.5g, offering durability, crash resistance, and heat resistance. Compatible with most analog and HD VTX systems.


Flight Controller:

The GOFILM 20 comes equipped with an AIO flight controller integrated with ELRS receiver, the power system meets 2-4S.

Powerful Propulsion System:

Featuring 1303 6000KV motors, tailored for the Gofilm 20, offering the perfect synergy with 2-inch propellers. With a recommended 650mAh battery, enhancing operational feel, with a flight time of up to 5.5 minutes, allowing uninterrupted capture of stunning aerial footage. Elevate your flight experience to new heights with the Gofilm 20.


The Gofilm 20 is not only suitable for indoor and outdoor flights but also excels in various scenarios such as competitions and professional filming. Its versatility allows you to experience a wide range of flying environments, enhancing your overall flight experience.

Gofilm 20 Parameters
Model Gofilm 20
VTX Moonlight Kit
Wheelbase 94mm
Motor 1303 6000KV
Propeller HQprop T2×2×3
Weight 115±5g
Size 133×123×39mm
Flight time 4S 650mAh & about 5.5 minutes
Receiver ELRS 2.4G
Battery interface XT30
FC Parameters
GYRO and IMU ICM42688
Barometer BMP280
ExpressLRS receiver ELRS V3.0 UART
ESC 20A 4-IN-1
Blackbox 8MBp
Support Power 2~4S Lipo/Lihv
Mounting hole Distance 25.5×25.5mm
Firmware target CADDXF4_AIO_ELRS
VTX Parameters
Model Moonlight Kit
Firmware name AvatarMoonlight_Sky_X.X.X
Communication Frequency 5.725-5.850 GHz
Transmitter Power (EIRP) FCC: <30dBm; CE: <14dBm; SRRC: <20dBm; MIC: <25dBm
I/O Interface JST1.0*4(power cable); JST0.8*6(USB);microSD Card Slot; IPEX-1
Sensor Starlight sensor
FOV Max 160°
Aperture F2.1
Shutter Rolling shutter
ISO 100-25600
Recording resolution 4K@30/60fps; 2.7K@30/60fps;
1080p@100/60fps; 720p@60fps
Max Mbps 150Mbps
Video format MP4 (H.264)
3D DNR Support
Gyro flow Support
Built-in EIS Support
Wide Power Input 7.4V-25.2V
Power consumption 12V@1.4A, 8V@2.2A
Memory card type U3 microSD, Max 256G
camera size 19.6mm×19mm×24mm
VTX size 15.3mm×34.5mm×34.5mm
VTX Installation hole 20×20mm/25×25mm (M2)
Weight 38.5g (Antenna not included)
OSD Canvas mode
Latency Average delay 22ms
Antenna 2 (IPEX)



4 x M2*6mm
4 x M2*8mm
1 x 1.5mm Allen wrench
1 x usb data cable
1 x 180mm strap
1 x paddles
1 x Micro usb data cable
1 x Instruction manual



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