Walksnail Avatar HD Pro Kit

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Style | 32G With Gyroflow

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Walksnail Avatar HD Pro Camera

Bullet Point :

  • 1/1.8 inch Sony Starvis Ⅱ sensor, come with extremely clear night vision as long as day vision. 
  • Support 1080P/120fps high frame, also the first high frame night vision HD camera in FPV market. 
  • Supporting Gyroflow for more stable and smoother footage. 

    Walksnail Avatar HD VTX V2 Only

    Bullet Point:

    • Add 20*20mm mounting holes for easy installation.
    • Add 32g built-in storage option.
    • Updated the design of PCB board and outer shell, more durable.
    • A spare pad is added to provide two power connection modes.
    • Optimized antenna base design and frequency button position for greater convenience.

    Bullet Point for Avatar HD Pro kit

    Walksnail Avatar HD Pro Kit


    • 1080P 120fps compatibility
    • High frame starlight
    • 22ms low latency
    • Ranging Mode
    • 4km range
    • Light weight design
    • FOV160°
    • Built-in 32G storage
    • 6V-25.2V
    • Sony Starvis Ⅱ Technology
    Walksnail Avatar HD Pro Kit Features
    • The Avatar HD system uses H.265 code, an industry-leading technology, to provide 1080p FPV image quality with ultra-low latency. Support 1080P/60FPS, 720P/120FPS.
    • Featuring a 1/1.8 inch Sony Starvis Ⅱ sensor, this camera delivers excellent night vision that's just as clear as day.
    1080P/60FPS, 720P/120FPS
    • The camera ( 32G VTX KIT) supports Gyroflow, take you smooth and stable video quality.
    supports Gyroflow
    • In addition to the original 25mm x 25mm mounting holes, the kit now includes 20mm x 20mm holes for greater compatibility with a wider range of FPV drone models.
    • Updated the design of PCB board and shell, improved the quality of VTX, more durable.
    • Optimized the installation place of the antenna, so as to better protect the VTX.
    • The position of the frequency binding button has been changed to make the frequency binding operation more convenient.
    • A spare pad is added to provide two power connection modes. 

    Partial upgrade display of Walksnail Avatar HD VTX V2    

    • New VTX with enhanced TVS protection and support for up to 6S. With a wide input voltage the range of 6V to 25.2V, our VTX delivers unmatched stability and resistance to GPS interference. Enjoy unparalleled performance and take your FPV adventures to new heights with our cutting-edge technology.
    Walksnail Avatar HD VTX V2 Only
    • The Avatar VTX comes with 8g/32g built-in storage it can record 1080p or 720p HD flight videos without interference.32G built-in storage, recording video time increased by 4 times. 
    32G built-in storage
    • It supports high frame rate and standard frame rate at the same time. Under high frame rate, the average delay is 22ms.
    The brightness of Pro Camera is improved at night, and the picture is clear
    • The compact and convenient single-antenna design makes it easier to assemble your FPV drone. The quality of the antenna is upgraded, and the working performance of the whole frequency band is more stable.
    The quality of the antenna is upgraded, and the working performance of the whole frequency band is more stable.
    • HD 1080p OLED Dual Micro Displays
    HD 1080p OLED Dual Micro Displays   
    • The Avatar goggles are designed to be lightweight, mini, small and have a 46° field of view, making them more comfortable for pilots while giving them a more immersive FPV experience. 
    The Avatar goggles are designed to be lightweight, mini, small and have a 46° field of view
    • The goggles have the feature of adjusting the focus without the need to install,corrective lenses.
    Walksnail Avatar HD Goggles with adjustable focus.  
    • HDMI Output
    HDMI Output
    • Turn on the ranging mode to display the distance between the drone and goggles in real time, in case the drone is lost due to long distance flight.
    ranging mode
    Walksnail Avatar HD Pro Kit Dimensions
    Walksnail Avatar HD VTX V2 Line Installation Instructions
  1. Q: Do we support 1080P 120FPS?
  2. A: Our VTX products all support 1080P/120FPS, and can reach 1080P/120FPS through firmware upgrade is around the corner.

    Model Avatar HD Pro Camera
    Image Sensor 1/1.8-Inch Sony Starvis  Sensor
    Resolution 1080P/60fps;720P/120fps,720P/60fps;1080P/120fps compatibility;
    Ratio 16/9; 4/3
    Lens 8Mp
    FOV 160°
    Aperture F1.6
    Shutter Rolling shutter
    Min.Illumination 0.00001Lux
    Weight 9.5g
    Dimensions 19*19*24mm
    Coaxial Cable 140mm
    Model Avatar V2 Module
    Communication Frequency 5.725-5.850GHz
    Transmitter Power (EIRP) FCC:<30dBm;CE:<14dBm;SRRC:<20dBm;
    1/O Interface JST1.0*4(Power in)JST0.8*6(USB)
    Mounting Holes 25.5*25.5mm; 20*20mm
    Dimensions 33.5*33.5*10.5mm
    Storage 8G/32G
    Recording 1080p/720p
    Weight 17.6g
    Operating Temperature -20-40℃
    Channels 8
    Wide Power Input 6V-25.2V
    Supported FC System Betaflight; Inav; Fettec; ArduPilot;Kiss
    OSD Canvas mode
    Latency Average delay 22ms
    Antenna 1(IPEX)
    Avatar V2 Antenna
    Polarization LHCP
    Frequency range 5600MHz-6000MHz
    Gain 1.9dBi
    VSWR ≤1.5
    Input Impedance 50Ω
    Interface IPEX-1
    Size R15 X 45mm(without cable)
    Weight 2g
    Packing List
    USB transfer extension cable X1
    4 Pin silicone cable X1
    M2*4mm screws X8
    M2*5mm screws X4
    M2*6mm screws X4
    M2*14mm screws X4
    M2*5*0.5mm gasket X4


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews


    Nicholas Ng
    Pro kit night vision

    It’s wonderful be able to see and fly in dark condition. It’s set apart from my other whoops.

    Hatte mehr erwartet

    Ich bin etwas enttäuscht was die Qualität der Aufnahmen on board angeht. Das Bild ist körnig und verrauscht, auch bei guten Lichtbedingungen. Die Software hat noch viel Luft nach oben, aber es wird besser von update zu update. Mit gyroflow gibt's es Probleme die hoffentlich bald behoben werden.

    Cross the ocean super fast

    Se é pra let's go que seja now!


    Walksnail Avatar HD Pro Kit

    Super at night

    The best night vison i've ever seen. Must have :)

    Biotrade - 816 Dario Salas
    WS pro kit

    Excelente cámara, un sueño para volar de noche

    Robert Freund
    Walksnail is great and only getting better!

    Too many people are missing the big picture. If you focus on who has the best fpv video system at this moment the answer is clearly DJI but what is much more important is who is listening to the FPV community and adding the features we want. Caddx is closing the gap on video quality and range and just added an incredible new feature, spectator mode. Now I can fly and have friends watch my flight real time in their own goggles. Can you do that with DJI, hell no! Long term Caddx is the company to support.

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