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Q:osd\Sbus cannot work


Click this link to view the video:

Please priority check the settings, wiring and welding

Some flight control UART cannot pass telemetry

tx and rx must cross-wired, msp also need to be turned on

Please try another uart port、FC


Diode damage is not a product quality problem

It may be caused by misoperation, high voltage, short circuit, crash

use a heat gun or pliers to remove the damaged diode, OSD will work again

However, it is recommended send it back to the factory for repair first, no repair fee and return fee.

The diode model is PESD5V0V1BL



Q:No image, but osd works fine


①Check if the coaxial cable is damaged or loose, re-plug the coaxial cable

(Usually the coaxial cable faulty)

②replace the coaxial cable and camera


Q:Unable to bind, vista cannot started, led is red


Please take vista out from the frame

Remove the coaxial cable and camera(NOT antenna)

Remove all cables from FC

Only the vista module and antenna is connected to the battery voltage (not 9V BEC)

Does the LED turn green?

If it still does not work, send it back to us for repair



Q:unable to bind


①If the vista led is green, it turns red when the button is pressed

vista should be ok, check if the DJI FPV goggles v2 are switched to FPV mode

②The button may be damaged, use tweezer to short the pad

If it still does not work, send it back to us for repair



Q:VISTA led does not light up


①Check if vista is getting the voltage correctly

②FPC cable is loose, re-plug and replace with another FPC cable



Q:The led is very weak and both red and green light up at the same time


①The core board is damaged, usually crashed, overheated

No warranty service, cannot be repaired

②FC 9v bec fault, connect vista to battery voltage



Q:brand new vista cannot be activated


①Plug in battery, only usb won't work

②replace usb cable, replace other pc

Do not use typec to typec cables



Q:The VCC pad was damaged in the crash

A:Solder to the red dot



Q:Coaxial cable base damaged

A:If the pad is not damaged, can be repaired



Q:UFL antenna base damaged

A:Can be repaired



Q:Unable to release Low power mode

A:Refer to Article 1



Q:Short transmission distance


①Check whether the low power mode is released

②Turn off the temperature control in the goggles (note the temperature, use a fan for cooling)

③Change channel and location

④Restore factory settings in the goggles after connecting the goggles

⑤Some customers report that TBS 868CE will interfere with DJI digital system

⑥Check whether the antenna is loose or damaged. UFL to SMA adapter is not recommended

⑦LHCP and RHCP antennas do not work together, must be the same polarized antenna

⑧Check if the capacitor is off

⑨Top board failure, use other vista to replace the top board test



Q:Does Naked Vision have warranty service?

A:Naked vistadoes not have warranty service



Q:Polar camera has a higher latency than the DJI camera \ Nebula pro

A:Is normal, Polar camera only has HD mode and cannot switch mode


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