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An Online Community Of FPV Drone Pilots Who Love To Fly.

Focus On FPV, Drones, Quad Racing, FPV Freestyle And The Like.


Anyone Who Helps❤️ Others To Solve Problem On Installation, Technical Fixing, Or Share Awesome Flying Experience, An usd5.00-usd20.00 Coupon Will Be Gifted.

What's The Goal Of CADDX Technical Support Community?
- Awesome CADDX Product Technical Help
- Communicate And Interact Positively
- Have Fun Here And Help More CADDX Users, With CADDX Digital FPV System Products.
- Go Into Developing More Interesting Digital FPV System Product.

What Can We Do Here?
-The Group Is About FPV Camera Flying, Fixing, Technical Know-How, Everything If It's Digital FPV System Relevant It Belongs Here.
-We Welcome Your Post Usage Experience Of CADDX Product, Experience, Review, Installation, Photo, Video. And There Will Be Surprise Coupon For Nice Product Reviews.
-If You Found Something Great For The FPV Technical, Post It, Share It.
-CADDX Will Provide Group Member-Only Awesome Benefits.

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Why You Guys Love Development In FPV Technical Fields:
1. When I Was a Kid, I Want To Be Free And Fly Like a Bird.
2. FPV Just Happens To Blend Several Of My Interests.
3. F1 Drone Racing Industry-Filming a New Kind Of Sports Story
4. I Love The Extremely Rapid Development And Experimentation In The FPV Industry More Than Anything.

The Secret Behind The CADDX Technical Group:
This Group Is Managed By CADDX Staff Vanda And KOL Enthusiasts. We Are Not Just Employees And Moderators But End-Users That Love To Interact, Assist, Give Tips And Provide Tricks On The Entire CADDX Technical Product Line.

MUCH MUCH Love Everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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