About how Russian users pay

Currently Russian users can use 3 payment methods:
1. Open a credit card abroad to pay for the order (for example, Kazakhstan and Malta banks open credit cards)
2. Payment by webmoney ( USD payment)
3. Payment by qiwi (payment in rubles)


At present, the CaddxFPV website has opened the QIWI payment channel, and you can use QIWI to purchase the goods you want in ruble currency.

First of all, if you want to successfully pay for products that exceed $220 .Please check the level of your QIWI wallet, the default account is an anonymous wallet user (only phone number, no personal identification information) which will limit the amount of a single transaction.

You can verify personally identifiable information on your QIWI account to increase the transaction amount of a single order (pass identity verification, provide passport/ID information, tax information and other required personal/government documents)

  • If you do not want to verify information

Multiple order transactions can be used to pay for the products you want

for example:

1. If you want to buy VRX with Avatar micro kit

You pay 2 amounts via the flexible payment link below:

For the first order, pay $200
For the second order, pay $92

2. If you want to buy Walksnail Avatar HD FPV System, you need to pay 4 amounts

For the first order, pay $200
For the second order, pay $200
For the third order, pay $200
For the fourth order, pay $110

3.If you plan to buy the product you need(over $600)

You need to pay 4 flexible payments

First payment of $200

Second payment of $200

3rd payment of $200

The fourth payment is $ XXX

Some Russian users will register credit cards with banks in other countries, and then they can choose to pay with Visa and MasterCard on my website

Finally, after your payment is successful, please send an email to service@caddxfpv.com with your order status and purchased products. If you have any questions, you can also contact this email